Digital art is a technique that the artist uses the computer as a painting tool.
Of course the computer can not paint on its own. the quality of the painting depends on the artist's talent and skill - using the various softwares.

The final "original" painting is a digital file ready to print.
The paintings are printed on thick, high-quality canvas, in limited editions to 150 copies.
Each copy is numbered and signed - stretched on a wooden frame and undergoes a special varnish coating to preserve and stabilize the colors.
In a limited edition of prints, each copy is more valuable than a print in an "open" edition - that is not limited to the amount of copies.

When you look at my canvas painting, you will know that there are a limited number of such copies in the market, so that the value of each copy is kept strictly.
the final color quality is similar to oil painting or acrylic. original painting.
This method is convenient and flexible to create prints of different sizes, for example: 30/40 cm, 60/60 cm, 70/100 cm and more.
You can order prints of different sizes by phone.

I would be happy to answer any question by phone: 058-7676321
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