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Wonder Cards for Couples

"Wonderful" cards are very suitable for joint activities by the fact that they are also cards for couples.

You can use them in several ways according to the attached booklet. Each card has a number, with appropriate insights in the booklet. When you choose a card, it opens up a whole sea of topics for introspection and a conversation about depths that are difficult to reach in a normal way.


You can choose the card randomly, through the back which is the same for all cards

and let intuition lead the choice

And you can also   choose according to the drawing that is different on each card

Each time the choice will lead you to different realms in the mind, emotion, spirit and soul

and will help you deepen the relationship and touch and talk about internal and deep personal issues

The cards for couples are an experience in itself, which fills a magical and exciting evening 

.and are a great gift for any occasion