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Welcome to my website

I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a child, constantly yearning to discover and understand the hidden knowledge of the spiritual worlds.


In my art I attempt to integrate a modern, visual language and cutting-edge artistic techniques with the portrayal of the spiritual and the abstract.


My paintings seek to bridge the gap between opposites: the body and the soul, this world and the world to come, the time-bound and the eternal, the material and the spiritual, the lower and the higher realms. My work is an expression of my personal longing for connection with higher worlds and timeless Jewish values.

In my artistic process, I begin with an initial, physical stimulus, such as a circle of light or letters, or with a visual meditation on the expanses of horizon and skies.  It is my intention that as the observer is drawn into the painting and its subject, his own emotional experience will continue to develop independently, within his consciousness.


Each work is the starting point for a journey of deep inner reflection on the essence of life, man’s purpose in his world, and similar questions so crucial to our existence.  I create in order to lead you, the viewer, into a personal, inspirational voyage of exploration, to help you enhance your spiritual tools and soar above the visible layers of reality.


My inspiration comes from the values ​​of Judaism, the Book of the Zohar, Kabbalistic writings and the teachings of Hassidism.

I would be very happy to know what you think of my work, and I welcome your comments and questions.  You are also invited to visit my gallery, in my home in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood

אורית מרטין Orit Martin
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