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These cards will help you connect to your higher-self, listen to the inner voice of the soul, gain new spiritual insights about yourself, and give you an exciting experience of artistic inspiration.

The cards consist of a powerful therapeutic aid,

 and at the same time - pleasant and inviting to the reader.

They provide an intermediary bridge for deep therapeutic work and help the soul to open, converse and touch complex personal issues.

The 52 Wonders cards are a rich toolbox for therapists of different doctrines and professional care-takers from different fields such as psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, coaches, and more.

The cards are also suitable to work for individuals, couples, groups, parents and even teenagers who want to dive into their inner world and meet themselves.

The cards allow the soul to speak, and enable a process of reflection and emotional experience.

They help to diagnose challenging circumstances, 

enable access to issues from the unconscious, and to solve internal conflicts in a gentle and sympathetic way.

Anyone (even without prior experience) can use these cards for the purpose of developing emotional / spiritual intelligence and dealing with hidden emotions.

The set contains 52 cards, created from the spectacular paintings of artist Orit Martin and instructions booklet with explanations and insights for every card. The booklet was written in collaboration with Dr. Ada Michal Wienstein, a clinicalpsychotherapist specializing in psychodrama.

The set is offered to you as a collectors’ edition signed by the artist.


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